A Boy, A Dog, and A Proud Dad

I can’t believe a bowling session has ended and another has begun since I last made an update to Basement Bowling. And Twitter? Well, I’m afraid my wife and daughters are even a bit disappointed on that score. I haven’t been able to make any updates to the lane like I had hoped. We’ve been fairly busy with other projects around the house. Funny how that works, huh?

I must admit I’m most proud of my recent work: We have a new bowler on the way due February 29, 2012! And this time daddy is getting a boy! 😉 I have three girls. My oldest prefers the basketball court to a bowling lane. (Which incidentally happens to be another passion of mine.) My youngest two girls are both avid bowlers and recent soccer enthusiasts. I’m hoping with the boy I’ll be getting both a bowler and a golfer. Then I will be complete in living vicariously through my kids. Ha!

I am disappointed I’ve not been able to focus on Basement Bowling as much as I would like to. I have some improvements for my lane that I’m anxious to implement. It seems lately my dog is really the only one who has to time to enjoy the lane. 😉

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