New Pictures and Videos

Hi everyone!

I’ve been pretty busy on the lane lately. Some stuff is noticeable and some of what I have been working on is behind the scenes.

I added some new vinyl lettering along the sidewall of the lane and at the bottom of the masking unit.

I also thought my lane deserved it’s own number, especially since all of the lanes at the bowling alley have their own, so I gave it a nice big number one. 🙂

I have also been working on redesigning my pinsetter. Pinsetter version 1.0 has served us well but I am working on a major improvement. I’ll have more on Pinsetter 2.0 at a later time.

More BasementBowling on YouTube!

That’s right. I just uploaded 2 new videos on YouTube. The first one is a just a video that shows the lane length-wise from the side. It shows off the new sidewall letters and the remote controlled lighting I installed.

The second one shows the new and improved ball return. The original ball return didn’t really work for me. The plastic track was too narrow and fragile. The new return has two 3/4″ round pvc rails that allows the ball to roll back to the bowler as smooth as silk and the ball cannot fall off the track. The orange paint on the rails glows under blacklight and is a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading and keep those questions, comments, and bowling project updates coming.

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