New Pins

A gentleman I had corresponded with who was also building a half-scale lane told me about some exact half-scale pins he found online. I shared the good news with my soon-to-be bride (who could not be more supportive of me and my dream, thank you Baby!) and she went out and contacted the company and surprised me with a new set of exact half-scale pins and an exact half-scale bowling ball for my wedding gift.

The pins are amazing, they are manufactured just as regulation-sized pins are, made of wood and plastic coated. They even have a glow effect under black light. They are amazing and very realistic, just exactly what I needed. So I knew that I could move ahead with the exact half-scale lane project now that I had the perfect pins and ball to compliment it.

Here are some shots of the new pins and ball.

New pins under the pindeck light

Artsy, outdoor shot of a pin 🙂

Left to Right: new pin, new ball, original, antique pin

Below: Pins under blacklight

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