Update, sort of. :-)

Hello all!

Just a quick note to say that I’m still here. I hope to find the time to finish up the pinsetter and masking unit soon. I worked on and constructed a pinsetter design but it didn’t function like I wanted it to so I had to tear it down and rethink it a bit, (Hey, stuff like this happens when you are doing a project like this) then life and work got super busy and now my weekends are currently filled with my supporting my daughters sporting activities (bowling and basketball), but I am still working on pinsetter ideas.

We are continuing to bowl on our lane and we all love it! It’s holding up perfectly. I think everyone should have one of these in their home. Tonight my youngest daughter (8 years old) bowled 4 games and she had her highest score ever in her last game.

I hope to take some video and post it up here soon. Thank you for continuing to visit the site and please continue to share your stories with me. Many of you have written me, some of you telling me about your own lane projects. I am truly enjoying this.

Everyone have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving and I’ll check in with you soon.

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